Top Proven Ecommerce Conversion Hacks

As the Internet got more accessible and smartphones and computers became more affordable, there has been a considerable increase in Internet users. The digital revolution is bigger than ever before, with the digital platform slowly taking the place of brick and mortar businesses across many industries.

Quite naturally, e-commerce has become a trendy field, with more and more businesses opening up online stores and e-commerce portals to grab potential customers on the Internet.

With over half of the world’s population using the Internet, the market is potent. Consequently, with more and more e-commerce businesses arriving in the market, the competition is fierce.

Conversion Is The Real Challenge For E-commerce Websites

This brings us to the importance of driving more traffic to the online store. However, driving traffic to an eCommerce website is not enough. What is needed is the magic word, “conversion.” Getting better conversions and increased sales is the real challenge once the website receives considerable traffic. Statistics suggest that the average conversion rate of an e-commerce website is approximately 3%.

So what can be done to resolve this issue and lead the customer to make a purchase? Here’s what you can do.

Tricks To Enhance E-commerce Conversions Successfully

There are numerous ways to enhance eCommerce conversions, and what you need to do will depend upon what suits your business. However, the fundamental rule is to make sure that you stick to the latest trends and be aware of the customer expectations in your niche market.

Virtual Clothing Try-On

The very first trick on this list of e-commerce conversion hacks is a trend that has taken the fashion and retail industry by storm. Virtual clothing try-on has been extremely popular in the fashion industry right now, and it is changing the norms of the industry while revolutionizing customer experience.

There are a variety of eCommerce conversion hacks. The virtual clothing try-on-trend is so popular for the fact that it offers a very unique experience to customers. Visitors can see a model that looks just like them wearing or trying on a cloth.

This helps them understand if the clothing would suit them or not. According to an academic survey, it was seen that the intention of purchase grew by over 200% when customers saw models that looked like them wearing fashion products.


Chatbots are another modern technological boon that can transform customer experience and lead to better conversions. They are AI-based intelligent automation robots that can help you convert and sell!

Interestingly, these chatbots also play a significant role in increasing the credibility and reliability of the site and the products and influencing visitors to make a purchase. 

Optimizing Page Load Speed

In this fast-paced world, customers cannot wait too long for a page to load. So reducing page load speed is a must to keep them interested. However, you cannot simply improve your webpage speed!

To improve your website speed, you’ll have to optimize different web elements like image size, themes, and website plugins, among others!

Final Words

That makes it pretty clear that most visitors on an e-commerce website never actually purchase. Most visitors abandon their shopping carts and do not reach the end of the sales funnel leading to a low conversion rate for most e-commerce sites.

Interestingly, there are so many other things that can be done to enhance the conversion of an e-commerce site. If it’s fashion and retail, then virtual clothing  a must for all businesses.

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