Planning Tips for Move out Day

You have done all the hard work, and finally comes the moving day. All your efforts will pay off by anticipating a smooth move-out day. NYC moving company can help you plan your move from packing to move out day. You can also DIY by following the tips we’re going to share in this article.

You have to deal with plenty of tasks on a moving day, and sometimes your planning for a move-out day can go the wrong way. But after following this guide, you can convert your move into a seamless experience. Remember, for a stress-free and successful move; preparation is the key.

10 Planning Tips for Move out Day

You need to do the following things for a seamless moving experience.

1. Review Your to-do List

When you’re busy preparing for a move and packing, you can easily put some essential tasks aside. If you want to avoid any mishaps on a moving day, keep a to-do list in your hand. Ensure that you have a pen to mark when a task is completed. This practice will ensure that you don’t need to remember everything for a busy day.

2. Get Up Early

Moving day can be a long and exciting one. So, ensure that you sleep early so that you can get up early. When you enjoy a good night’s sleep, you’ll be fresh on your moving day. Remember, it will be difficult to work during the hot afternoon if you’re moving in summer. Therefore, you can wake up early and take advantage of the morning hours. Early morning is best for heavy lifting.

3. Wear Comfortable Dress

Some people feel that when they have hired movers, why do they need to take care of their clothes? Even if you hire movers for heavy lifting, you still need to wear clothes that should not get caught on something. Moreover, your shoes must have non-slippery soles. Ensure that they’re breathable.

The best approach is to check the weather the night before the moving day. It will help you dress accordingly. If you’re moving in summer, ensure that you wear light and breathable clothes. Dark-colored clothes absorb heat, so avoid wearing them, especially on your move out day. White and neutrals are perfect colors for a moving day.

On the other hand, if you’re moving in winter, ensure that you put an extra layer of dresses on your body. It will keep you warm and protect you from injury.

4. Keep Your Kids and Pets Away from the Process

It’s not possible to make arrangements on moving day. Therefore, it’s crucial to make arrangements for kids and pets well in advance. When you don’t have to take care of pets and kids on a moving day, you can focus better on the other important tasks. The best way is to keep them in a dedicated room where they can relax, eat, and play.

5. Welcome Your Movers or Friends

If you’re moving yourself, you must have requested friends to help you. On the other hand, if you have hired movers, ensure that you welcome them on their arrival. If you have any concerns about the move-out day, you can let them know. Let movers know about the boxes with delicate items and if you have any specific guidelines, let them know.

If you want to keep something in your personal vehicle, inform movers not to load this one. Some companies have restrictions on transporting some items; ensure that you’re aware of them in advance.

6. Complete Last Minute Packing

You can’t pack all the items before moving day. Some items are needed on the night before the moving day and on the move-out day, such as toiletries, clothes, chargers, snacks, and cleaning supplies.

These items are crucial, and you can’t survive without them in your new home. The best practice is to pack a first-night box and add all the essential items to it. Ensure that you keep this box in your vehicle. If it’s not possible to do this, ensure that the movers load this box at the end so that you can get it immediately after reaching your new home.

7. Clean Up the Home

This practice is beneficial in many ways. When you leave the clean home, the new residents or homeowners will appreciate your efforts. Moreover, a thorough cleaning can help you perform a complete inspection to find if something is left behind. So, it’s a win-win situation.

8. Put Heavy Items at the Bottom

When you’re loading items yourself, ensure that you load heavy items at the bottom. Furniture and heavy appliances must be kept at the bottom of the truck. Put lighter items on top of them. Ensure that breakable items are not under the heavy items.

9. Prepare a Moving Day Bag

As mentioned earlier, a moving day can be hectic. So, you need to pack snacks and energy drinks so that you remain energized and hydrated during the move day. It’s not recommended to eat pizza or a heavy meal on a moving day because it can disturb your stomach, and you might get sleepy.

It would be great to pack a first-aid kit so that if something went wrong, you’re prepared for it in advance. If you have kids, pack their basic items in the bag.

10. Don’t Get Your Utilities Disconnected

Move day can turn out to be a long day, so there is a possibility that you’ll have to load things in the evening or night. Therefore, it’s important to have active electricity and Internet connections. It will help kids enjoy live streams and play video games. Moreover, you won’t have to move items in the dark.

Final Words

People do all the hard work to Declutter and pack items for moving, but when it comes to the big day, they don’t even know what to do on the move-out day. But after following the tips mentioned above, you can make your move stress-free.