Elvis Justice Discusses Simplicity And Effectiveness In International Trading

Simple is not a word that most people would use to describe trading in the international
markets. Despite this, Elvis Justice Bedi has become Ghana’s premier young expert on profitably navigating these markets. Not only has he found success as an investor in these markets he has now started to teach others how to do the same, all while attending medical school.

After Elvis found success trading in the markets, he immediately knew that he wanted to help others to be able to do the same. Elvis has built a reputation for taking the complexities of trading and investing and making them simple and digestible for others who wish to find success. Elvis founded the Serendipity Trading Academy on a simple principle, help others win. Elvis says “I believe success massively speaks for itself. There was a huge demand from the public on learning to trade on the international markets. There was a lot to share. Establishing the academy was one way of satisfying the masses while perfection myself.”

Elvis’s dedication to his students’ success in making money through learning to successfully trade cryptocurrencies, forex, and stocks is his secret sauce. Elvis has been able to scale Serendipity Trading Academy out to over 400 students, making it one of the top trading academies in the digital space.

Elvis Justice entered the trading space for the same reason that most people initially do- he needed another source of income. As he grew more knowledgeable in the markets, he became more profitable. Understanding the impact this knowledge had on his lifestyle, he felt a calling to provide that same opportunity to others. The Serendipity Trading Academy is dedicated to doing just that- simplifying the markets so that anyone willing to learn and focus can create a better lifestyle for themselves.

Elvis Justice’s vision extends beyond the Serendipity Trading Academy. His love for education and community services has led him to begin building schools and healthcare facilities in Ghana to impact his country.

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